The Trials of Frank Carson (LA Times & Western Sound)

Power, politics and the law in California’s Central Valley. The Trials of Frank Carson is a new, 8-episode true crime podcast from the Los Angeles Times.

The Trials of Frank Carson goes deep on the longest running murder trial in California history — when prosecutors accuse legendary criminal defense attorney Frank Carson of crossing the line and becoming a criminal mastermind.

Did Frank Carson arrange a vast criminal conspiracy, pulling in former clients, family, friends, and even three law enforcement officers to murder a local drifter who Carson believed was stealing from his property?

Reported and written by another legendary figure — LA Times Reporter Christopher Goffard, host of two of the biggest podcasts in podcasting history, Dirty John and Detective Trapp.

The Los Angeles Times trusted us to turn Chris’s scripts and tape into a compelling, must-listen podcast. We provided story consulting, original scoring, and sound design to turn The Trials of Frank Carson into the next Christopher Goffard banger.