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Brave New Words (ASO Communications)

Anat Shenker-Osorio is one of the world’s most sought after political communications strategists. She travels the world helping progressive politicians and activists win…

NAKED with Catt Sadler (Original)

Our first original show, produced with journalist and champion for women’s issues, Catt Sadler. We worked with Catt to adapt her Naked interview…

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“The Sterling Affairs” is out now

It’s been a looooong road for this one, almost 2 years — now, The Sterling Affairs is out from 30 for 30 podcasts — five episodes, all bingeable now.

Always a little bittersweet finishing a show, but I think I speak for everyone at Western Sound when I say we’re all pretty stoked to get this one wrapped and get Donald Sterling out of our headphones for good!

Big shots out to Stephen Hoffman for reporting the crap out of this story, Ramona Shelburne, and the whole team at ESPN.


Brave New Words is out now


Two new comedies from Conan O’Brien, Team Coco & Western Sound


So much great press for NAKED

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